Notice of closure of the International Support Office of the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW)


Dear members & friends,

ICW has been through a difficult period in the last year. There has been considerable disagreement within the governance bodies and staff group over the future direction of the charity.

Following discussions between the UK trustees, staff and the International Steering Committee, and taking on board the recommendations of external evaluations, it appears that the option that is likely to receive the greatest degree of unanimity amongst the governance bodies, staff and members, is to wind down the operations of the International Support Office in the UK.

We the trustees of ICW UK have now passed a resolution to wind up the UK charity, and its operations will be brought to an end over the next month. The International Support Office in London will be closed from 1st December 2009.

The International Support Office in London is not the only part of the ICW network, and we hope that the members and regional offices of ICW will continue their essential work into the future. Contact details for the regional offices and representatives of ICW are provided here.

We plan for the ICW website to continue to operate until the end of 2010, although the content will not be updated. Please make use of any of the resources you find here.

To comply with UK legislation on data protection and to protect the confidentiality of personal membership data, we will delete the membership records held in the ISO London office.

We hope that you will wish to continue your membership of ICW. If you wish to maintain your membership, please download a copy of the ICW membership form from the ICW website, and send the completed form to the local ICW office or International Steering Group representative for your region.

If you are not an ICW Member but are a Friend of ICW, and would like to continue to receive information on the activities of other parts of the ICW network, please also contact your local regional office or International Steering Group member.

The documents and materials that ICW has produced over the years are being collected by former members and staff to be preserved in public archives in the UK, so that they will be available for researchers and other interested parties in the future. More details on where these archives are to be placed will be circulated to members and friends over the coming months.

We would like to wish the new structure success and hope you all find a happy home with them.

Thank you for your support over the years.

Yours Sincerely,

ICW UK Board of Trustees

3rd December 2009

Call to Action: Support Global Drug Policy Reform

The Call has been signed by a total of 46 people from a range of professional backgrounds (including economists, drug policy/harm reduction experts, AIDS activists, and professors of medicine) representing 14 international organizations and 32 national organizations (from 21 different countries).







ICW Briefing Papers, Position Statements and Messages

ICW/GCWA Briefing papers (2006) (up-dated by ICW 2008)
The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) with support from the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) has produced three fact sheets. These frame key advocacy messages based on the findings of ICW project work on HIV positive women’s access to care, treatment and support, violence against HIV positive women, and sexual and reproductive rights of positive women.


Tools and Guides

SELF-ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST: MEANINGFUL INVOLVEMENT OF WOMEN AND GIRLS LIVING WITH HIV (MIWA) - This self-assessment checklist, developed by ICW for the NGO Code of Good Practice, will help you assess the degree to which your organisation is successfully implementing these principles. The questions are designed to be thinking points/guidelines to help you identify areas that are already at a ‘good practice’ level, and areas that need to be developed and strengthened.

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