ICW is honoured and proud to be the only international network which strives to share with the global community the experiences, views and contributions of 19 million incredible women worldwide, who are also HIV positive.

Rapid assessment tool for sexual & reproductive health and HIV linkages: a generic guide

The objective of this adaptable tool is to assess HIV and SRH bi-directional linkages at the policy, systems and service-delivery levels. Ii is intended also to identify gaps, and ultimately contribute to the development of country-specific action plans to forge and strengthen these linkages. While this tool focuses primarily on the health sector it can be adapted to cover other sectors (education, social services, and labour).  Prepared and published by IPPF, UNFPA, WHO, UNAIDS, GNP+, ICW and Young Positives

HIV is a virus, not a crime

Criminalisation of HIV transmission and exposure:

The criminal law is a blunt instrument for HIV prevention. Yet from the UK to the USA, Mali to Mozambique, Azerbaijan to Australia, criminal laws are increasingly being used to prosecute HIV transmission or exposure. This undermines human rights and jeopardizes hard won gains in the global response to HIV.

Stigma Index regional training: Middle East and North Africa

The People Living with HIV Stigma Index is a joint initiative to develop an index that will be used worldwide to measure the stigma experienced by people living with HIV. The goal of the initiative is to improve programmes and policies to achieve universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support.

HIV Positive Women, Pregnancy and Motherhood

ICW submission to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Population
Development and Reproductive Health hearings on maternal morbidity.


Issue 6 of ICW's E-news

Summaries of ICW's latest projects, advocacy and publications - Please get in touch if you would like further information. Issue Six (September 2008)

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