ICW is honoured and proud to be the only international network which strives to share with the global community the experiences, views and contributions of 19 million incredible women worldwide, who are also HIV positive.

The Women's Symposium

The Women's Symposium - Young HIV Positive Women and Sexuality
True to form, Lynde Francis spoke eloquently, making serious points by using personal experiences to bring them to life.

Where are Young Women?

It's time to shift our thinking to begin to see young women as resources, as carrying a piece of the puzzle that carries important information. Young women are victimised, but they are not just victims. The skills they have learned to develop in order to survive in a world that places such societal meaning on their bodies and behaviours are the very skills that can help fight AIDS.

HIV Positive Women and Microbicides

HIV-positive women are some of the most vocal advocates for microbicides. Microbicides would represent an important and necessary tool in positive women's lives, by protecting reproductive health and promoting healthy sexuality. Women living with HIV face the challenges of the epidemic daily, and offer a unique perspective on the broad impact microbicides could have in their lives.

ICW and YWCA unite to Lead Change

ICW is delighted to participate in the YWCA World Council International Women's Summit in Brisbane in July 2003. This meeting takes place every four years and brings together over 1000 women from over 120 countries.

ICW at the Global Fund Board Meeting

The Global Fund Fighting AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFFATM) was created January 2002 and in two rounds of proposals has approved over $1.5bn in grants in 153 programmes in 92 countries.

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