ICW is honoured and proud to be the only international network which strives to share with the global community the experiences, views and contributions of 19 million incredible women worldwide, who are also HIV positive.

ICW Concerned Over Trend to Criminalise HIV Transmission

ICW's fact sheet on Criminalisation of HIV and Women - in English.

Call to Action: Support Global Drug Policy Reform

The Call has been signed by a total of 46 people from a range of professional backgrounds (including economists, drug policy/harm reduction experts, AIDS activists, and professors of medicine) representing 14 international organizations and 32 national organizations (from 21 different countries).





Guardian article on Coerced Sterilisation

Women in Africa are being sterilised without their consent after being told the procedure is a routine treatment for Aids, a lawsuit will claim.

Forty HIV-positive women in Namibia have been made infertile against their will, according to the International Community of Women Living with HIV/Aids (ICW). The group is preparing to sue the Namibian government over at least 15 cases.

ICW project addressing coerced sterilisation in the news

In 2008 ICW Namibia and the Namibian Women's Health Network’s embarked on a fact-finding mission in Namibia to gather data and take steps to demand justice from those individuals and entities that had violated the sexual and reproductive rights of HIV positive women by forcing them or coercing them to be sterilised.  These fundamental rights include the rights of HIV positive women to have a safe, healthy, and fulfilling sex life and to determine whether and when to have children.  More information about the project.

HIV Collaborative Fund - Call for Concept Notes


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