HIV, Women and Motherhood

"HIV, Women and Motherhood" is a new Salamander Trust project, based on a Strategies for Hope venture into the world of audio documentation.

In this project, Salamander Trust explore the many and complex issues facing women living with HIV in relation to motherhood. Alice Welbourn, author of Strategies for Hope publication Stepping Stones, and herself a mother and living with HIV, together with radio producer Rosemary Hill, recorded interviews with 12 HIV-positive women from all over the world who are either mothers or want to become mothers.

Each describes how she learnt of her diagnosis, what she has done with her life since then and offers policy recommendations related to her experiences. Some of their experiences were deeply traumatic and many have faced prejudice and stigma. But each of them displays courage, resilience and a desire to change the world.

Salamander Trust also interviewed two key international advocates for women's rights, Hon. Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland and Patron of ICW) and Dr Musimbi Kanyoro (Director, Population Programme, the Packard Foundation).

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