ICW at ICAAP, Bali

The 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP 9) will be held in Bali, Indonesia from the 9-13 August 2009. The theme of this Congress is 'Empowering People & Strengthening Networks'.

A summary of ICW Asia Pacific's involvement is as follows:

8 August 2009

9.00-17.00pm: Women's Forum- A pre-conference event will take place at BICC to identify strategies for integrating HIV/AIDS & Gender issues into the focus of Asia and the Pacific networks and develop recommendations to all stakeholders to achieve meaningful partnership and responses on women and HIV. ICW has been part of the International Steering Committe with an advisory role for the forum.

10 August

10.30-11.30: ICW- Vienna 2010 outreach informal meeting at the NGO Booth - 7 Sisters Coalition Office Space, BICC. All ICW members attending the Bali conference are invited to attend this meeting.

11 August 2009

8.00am: Strategies from the South- Breakfast Work meeting at ICAAP- Capsicum Café, BICC. ICW representatives will participate along with a few ICW members from the region. The purpose of the meeting is to identify strategies for south south partnership on various issues that affect communities and civil society organisations in the field of HIV

11.00-12.30: ICW will participate in a Press Conference event hosted by UNAIDS RST to release a report on HIV and Intimate Partner Relationships. The report will be released by Michel Sidibe, Executive Director of UNAIDS, Geneva. ICW's Regional Coordinator will make a statement at this press conference.

14.00-15.30: Symposium 4 - Women in Long term Partnerships and HIV: Setting a new agenda- ASEAN Foundation, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNIFEM , ICW and APN+. An ICW representative will be a leading discussant during this session. 

12 August 2009

2.00-3.00- An ICW representative will participate as resource person at the Community Dialogue Space organized by the UNDP Regional Office at the Asia Pacific Village, BICC.