HIV Collaborative Fund - Call for Concept Notes


The International Community of women living with HIV (ICW East Africa is the coordinating body for the HIV Collaborative fund for women and families in Africa since 2005. The HIV Collaborative Fund for women and families in Africa is a specific thematic region, one of the 11 regions of the HIV Collaborative Fund.  It is a community driven grant mechanism managed by the communities themselves under the leadership of a Community Review Panel (CRP).  Through this mechanism, Community Based groups especially groups of women living with HIV at the grassroots are given funding to implement self-initiated projects.  To-date, we are in our 3rd grant cycle and over 45 women groups from over 15 African countries have benefited from this funding mechanism.


Through different processes that HIV Collaborative Fund for women and Families in Africa has engaged in and from evidence available, it is very evident that there are emerging issues that require engaging with policy and decision makers at the national level to hold governments to account and translate commitments to actions and to influence national decisions and policies.  Some of the issues are as follows:

-          National governments are not implementing the Commitments to the Millennium Development Goals targets, Universal access targets and other declarations for example the Abuja Declaration

-          There is low uptake of ART/TB services

-          There is limited involvement of communities affected by Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria at policy development and decision making levels at the national level especially within the Global Fund mechanisms.

-          There is limited access to resources for continued and sustainability of PLHA - women led projects


The HIV Collaborative Fund for Women & Families in Africa is committed to supporting national advocacy work led by groups of women living with HIV at the national level.  The ultimate goal would be to organize and mobilize communities/organisations of women living with HIV to hold governments accountable to translate their commitments into actions, to advocate for policy change at the national and grass root levels and to ensure that women organisations are able to access resources.


Areas of focus

1.      Advocating for:

-          Implementation of TB/HIV collaborative activities

-          Community Mobilization in TB Control

-          Community Education on TB , TB/HIV and MDR-TB

-          Community Preparedness in TB and TB/HIV Research priorities

-          Development of IEC materials for TB and TB/HIV

-          Community engagement in TB drugs, development and vaccines - clinical trials

-          Social support for MDR-TB patients

-          Resource Mobilization for TB Research priorities

-          Roll out of the Patients Charter/International standards of TB Care

-          Domestication of Global TB Policies- Stop TB Strategy

-          Access to TB treatment, care and support - both for TB and MDR-TB

-          DOTS support and care

-          Community involvement in planning, implementation, evaluation of services and policy

-          Decentralisation/integration of treatment services

-          Tracing of patients - adherence

2.      Advocating for Universal access to information, prevention, treatment and care

3.      Advocating for Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR), violence against women

4.      Advocating for reduction of HIV stigma & criminalization of HIV and sexual minorities

5.      Holding governments to account & honour their commitments and ensure women have access to resources and resource allocation

Who qualifies to submit a concept note?

National networks/organisations of women living with HIV operating at national level in Sub-Saharan Africa

Concept notes must be short and precise (Maximum two pages).  Please make sure that your concept note is seeking to address the above mentioned priority areas and must demonstrate willingness and capacity to implement advocacy projects.  If you strongly believe that advocacy issues within your respective countries are not part of our priority areas above, you can indicate the areas you want to focus your advocacy work on and make sure you provide enough evidence.

What to include in your concept notes?

-          National situation related to the area of focus

-          Source of information

-          Clearly identifying the gaps

-          State how your project intends to address the identified gaps

-          How much you think it will cost

-          How long the project will last (period)

Please remember to include the name of the organisation, country where you are operating, contact person, name and contact telephone number and email address.  Also indicate the level at which you are operating.

Concept notes should be submitted by 29th May 2009 through the following email:

Those who cannot access email can use the post address as per this letterhead.

Successful organisations will be contacted on the next steps.