Celebrating the life of Lynde Francis

Dear all,

It with tremendous sadness that I announce that our dear sister, lifelong activist and member of ICW, Lynde Francis, passed away at 8:30am on the 31st March 2009 after a period of illness.  She will be an enormous loss to us all as individuals and as a network.

Those of us who know her well will be deeply affected by her death and we will make arrangements for tributes for Lynde to be forwarded as one way of paying our respects to her.

To add your tribute to Lynde, please email kproctor@icw.org

In sadness,



Lynde was the Southern African Regional Representative for the International Community of Women living with HIV (ICW).  She was also a founding member of the Pan African Treatment Activists movement (PATAM) and a founding member of the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV. She served on the board of Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN), Cedas Trust, Zimbabwe Activists on HIV and AIDS (ZAHA) and the ecumenical HIV and AIDS initiative in Africa (EHEIA).  Lynde will be remembered and respected around the world for her advocacy and education efforts on all aspects of holistic management of HIV, as well as an advocate for the meaningful involvement of People Living with HIV (MIPA).  Lynde celebrated 23 years of living with HIV in March this year. She leaves behind a huge family around the world that includes 10 grandchildren.  We extend our sincere condolences to Lynde's family and friends.


On Monday 6th April 2009 from 11:30 - 1.00 there will be a Memorial Service to celebrate Lynde's life. For the international community that is unable to attend the memorial please make a toast at 3.00pm Mon 6th March 2009 to LYNDE FRANCIS in celebration of her life.


"Lynde will be sorely missed. She was so much to all of us and all we can do now is hold onto her great and powerful spirit and ensure that she lives on in all of us whose lives she transformed, "



Dear Friends,

I too am desperately sorry to learn this sad sad news. Lynde was always such a fighter. Even after her weeks in coma from snake bite she made an extraordinary recovery. I am sure we all have so many stories of wonder and admiration to tell of Lynde.  Please send my very deepest condolences to her family.

With all my best wishes



I am so shocked and sad. She did look very ill when I visited in January but she had such spirit, I really thought she would pull through. She did so much for other people living with HIV in Zimbabwe, its hard to believe she won't be there anymore. I really feel for those who are at The Centre in Harare. I know she had stopped working there but she was hugely respected and loved.



I am very saddend by the news of Lynde's passing

I did love her as a friend and comrade.

I will always remember her courage. Love to her family.

Lynde will be a great loss to ICW.  



Thank you for passing on the sad news about Lynde.   She was a key member of ICW and the PLHIV movement, and an inspiration to us all.   I will miss her greatly.

Best wishes,



This has come to me as a really shock, i know Lynde was a really fighter of the disease. I join other ICW members in sending my condolences to the family and friends of Lynde. May God rest her soul in ETERNAL PEACE.



Dear ICW leaders, staff and Members ,

This night I just read this sad News !! I do not want to believe what I read.

Our God father decided to take Lynde to his Kingdom!!  ...Lynde??? Our  ICW ISC  member??

On behalf of Regional Advisory Board - ICW East Africa Region, I also join Lynde's Family, ICW's UK board, ISC, staff, ICW Leaders at level, Members and all the friends expressing the sorrow of Lynde's death. Lynde has been for the long time an active member of ICW's ISC to support women Living with HIV worldwide hand by hand with you all.

She enlightened us with her experience.

In our UK Meeting in March 2009, we thought that we missed her in this meeting only. I never thought we will miss her forever!!.
Our condolences for her family and all Zimbabwean activists fighting for the rights of Women living with HIV who worked with her.




Sunset at Noon

You brought laughter to many

You brought warmth to all

You were the light in the lives of many

Yet, this sun did not shine for long


You remind me of Africa

The pride in the Sahara

The Africa of our roots

The Africa of our youths


You were the voice of many

The hope of so much more

The inspiration of the ghetto

The link between generations.


The sun has set before its time...

So we think; so short a life...

Yet fate alone knows

Why you achieved so much in so little time


Goodnight Lynde

We bid you farewell

All you stood for, will be continued

For you passed on the baton


We will never forget you and your spirit will live in us for ever..


From your African daughter




To All ICW Members & non ICW  Women Living with HIV who have been influenced by Lynde Francis  

I am really sad, that we have lost such a great fighter for all Women living with  HIV not only In Zimbabwe, but also here in Southern Africa but the World Over, by the passing on of Lynde Francis who was not, only one of the greatest fighters of HIV but an inspiration to a lot of women some of whom were lucky enough to have met her personally, however others like myself never met her personally but were made to realise that if we did not join in the fight against HIV then we were letting, the real fighters like Lynde down.  

I have followed the life of Lynde for the last 15 years, as Zimbabwean woman I was proud of her because she fought for all of us whether white or Black, she was a true daughter of Africa because she never left us to go to the ' West' after becoming an International Icon. She had not gone through difficulties but over came them time and time again, because she knew she was a beacon for millions of African Women living with HIV.   

Lynde continued to fight in her mother Country even when the conditions detected that she leaves for greener pastures, most of us left Zimbabwe for various reasons & are still living in Diaspora, where we are now actively involved in HIV/AIDS/TB Projects due to Lynde's tireless work over the last two decades and in her memory will continue to fight until we also die.  

I regret that I'll never personally meet her, but I am proud that due to her & others like her,  I am now able to make a big difference to the lives of others who need assistance to fight this Pandemic which has taken so many of our people in the last 25 years.  

To Lynde Francis' real & adopted family I urge all of you to continue fighting as One Day we shall overcome.   "Let the Soul of Lynde Francis Rest in eternal Peace as she has fought a good fight"  



Mes condoleances
grande est notre tristesse. pour cette perte combien très grande pour notre afrique.sa vie a marqué beaucoup de personnes vivants avec le vih .c'est une guerre contre le virus du sida  de première heure que nous perdons .Lynde a toujours été là partout où de grands enjeux se passent .sa joie de vivre reste quelque chose de fort que je garde d'elle. Elle était blanche mais surtout africaine jusqu'au bout des doigts .Que Dieu la bénisse .
Je présente  au nom de la région de l'afrique francophone et a mon nom propre, à tous ceux qui l'ont connue, mes condoléances.


When i first heard the news of Lynde's passing i felt so numb.  She was an amazing strong woman.  Lynde brought hope and so much life to all who knew her.  I was unfortunate enough to have never met her personally but fortunate enough to have known of her through her work.  

May her soul rest in peace and may her family know that she is in a better place.  

God bless you Lynde  



In 2008, Lynde Francis and I co-authored a chapter for a manual being developed by the Glaser Foundation "From the Ground Up".  It was my privilege to work with such a phenomenal woman who was so proud of her multicultural roots.  She was a mentor and a role model for a HIV positive women working to develop her skills as an advocate.  I was surprised to hear of Lynde's passing, we had spent a wonderful time in Mexico City in the summer.  I am extending my deepest condolences to her family and friends.  She was a marvelous, inspiring woman who shared her knowledge willingly with HIV positive women.  She will be missed.  Her passing will not be in vain as her life has touched many of us.  May God continue to Bless her family and friends! Deloris