International Steering Committee (ISC) elections for Europe and Francophone Africa

The elections for seats for Francophone Africa and Europe have temporarily been postponed due to an insufficient number of candidates standing for election.

ICW's International Steering Committee is responsible for agreeing the goals, positions and strategic direction of ICW as a global network. ISC members may serve for three years after which they may stand for reappointment for one further term. Membership of the ISC and any work on behalf of ICW is not paid, but, depending on funds available, ICW offers full remuneration for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the course of involvement in the ISC, covering communication costs, travel, child care or other caring responsibilities, and subsistence.

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Eur ISC (Fr) call for applications.doc51 KB
Europe ISC (Eng) call for applications.doc45 KB
Europe ISC (Sp) call for applications.doc50.5 KB
Fr Africa ISC (fr) call for applications.doc52 KB