ICW World AIDS Day Statement 2002

To all governments, NGOs, AIDS organisations, multi-lateral agencies, businesses, religious organisations and individuals ..... Until women are equal, all the science in the world won't solve the AIDS epidemic. Until basic global inequalities are addressed, the epidemic will continue to spread


For ten years ICW has actively supported HIV positive women, and joined together in order to advocate for our rights. ICW is open to all HIV positive women, of all ages, ethnicities, religions and sexualities. Our members come from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, East and Western Europe.

Women Are At The Heart Of The HIV and AIDS Epidemics:
  • Women account for over 50% of global infections.
  • There are at least 17.6 million women around the world living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Over one million women died as a result of HIV infection last year.
  • The numbers of children infected continues to expand.
  • In some areas, girls are the fastest growing group of people newly infected.
    • We are living and dying, coping and surviving, holding families and communities together, discovering our strengths as women together, empowering ourselves collectively, making and demanding changes, sharing knowledge on how to live positively and independently, supporting our husbands, partners, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.
    • Listen to our voices. Learn about our lives. Consider our ideas.
`For women, opportunities to enjoy full citizenship are scarce, and this too makes them vulnerable.` Guiselly Flores, ICW member from Peru