Joint ICW and GNP+ article on SRH featured in Reproductive Health Matters

Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and HIV Testing: Perspectives and Experiences of Women and Men Living with HIV and AIDS

By Emma Bell, Promise Mthembu, Sue O’Sullivan on behalf of the
International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, and Kevin Moody on behalf of the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS

All over the world HIV has been stigmatised, making it difficult for people living with HIV to access testing, treatment, care and counseling or even to act on a diagnosis or get advice and treatment, for fear of being judged. Prejudice in society has also often been reflected and reproduced by health care providers. A human rights approach, which positively incorporates sexual and reproductive rights, rather than a restricted medical view, is therefore essential for the achievement of true partnerships between health care providers and service users. This paper is about the experiences of HIV positive women and men in sexual and reproductive health services and HIV testing. It provides guidance not only on how things could and should be done but also on how they should not be done. It outlines the sexual and reproductive rights positive people consider crucial and gives examples of how these are being violated. It presents perceptions and implications of HIV testing and how health services can support people after a positive diagnosis. It analyses the importance of confidentiality, continuity of care, knowledge and information, and the role of support groups and home-based care. It calls on sexual and reproductive health services to address issues of stigma and discrimination when offering and carrying out HIV testing and counselling, and in providing treatment, care and support.

Reproductive Health Matters 2007;15 (29 Supplement):113–135

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