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Gender inequality

ICW Vision paper (2004):


  • The greater involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS: from principle to practice? - ICW article in PLA Notes, 2008 http://www.icw.org/node/394
  • ICW Poster: Participation Tree
    This is a large download - 1.2Mb JPG file.
    This participation tree helps access where organisations are in relation to the involvement of HIV positive women and their organisations. Accompanying text for poster

Access to care, treatment and support

ICW Vision paper (2004):

Sexual and reproductive rights

Human rights ICW Vision paper (2004):



Male Circumcision

Violence against women

  • ICW/GCWA Fact sheet (2006) - Violence against women
  • Presentation on violence against women given by Emma Bell and Carmen Tarrades at a Novib organised meeting exploring the connections between VAW and HIV (2006)

HIV testing


Young women

ICW Vision paper (2004):

Injecting drug use

Position Statement: Injecting Drug Users and Access to HIV Treatment
The Global Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (GNP +)
and The International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (ICW)

ICW Vision Paper 6 (2007) - HIV Positive Women and Drug and Alcohol Use


The Female Condom