Activist organisations


Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+)
GNP+ is a global network for and by people with HIV/AIDS. The mission of GNP+ is to work to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. The central secretariat of GNP+ is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

International Treatment Preparedness Summit (ITPS)

ITPS is a movement of people living with HIV (PLWAs) and those living with the virus, who work toward gaining equal access to treatments and care of PLWAs. Working with public announcements for greater education in treatments for people and organizations, at local, regional and international levels, including all those interested, governments, international and bilateral agencies, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, non-government agencies and the private sector. ITPS advocates so that PLWAs have a greater role in the decisions that affect their lives

The Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

An autonomous network of groups and individuals from every continent who have been aiming to achieve and support reproductive rights for women since 1984. The Network strives for the right of women to self-determination in keeping with their freedom, dignity and personally held values. We work towards a world where women and men can live their social, sexual, and reproductive lives free from socio-political, cultural, or economic oppression, in dignity and good health. We want a world where women’s contribution to reproducing and sustaining societies is respected and valued. For more information on WAHC material and on their work and activities visit -

Pan African Treatment Action Movement (PATAM)
PATAM was founded in 2002 by a coalition of AIDS activists to ensure the realization of global promises for AIDS treatment in Africa. PATAM is a social movement comprised of individuals and organizations dedicated to mobilizing communities, political leaders and all sectors of society, to ensure access to antiretroviral therapy for all people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The International Rectal Microbicides Advocates (IRMA)

Learn the latest regarding rectal microbicides and keep up to date on other new prevention technologies.

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Project Concern International/India (PCI/India)

ICW member Celina D'Costa is presently working for PCI/India as an Advocacy Officer for HIV/AIDS Programs. They are planning to supplement their care and support work with crucial advocacy work, including:
1. forming a core group on advocacy keeping WLHA in the centre
2. forming District Advocacy Committees at the Government level which will include PLHA with special emphasis on WLHA
3. forming a PLHA cell at the District Magistrate
4. having a cascading effect down to sector and block level.
5. working with the exhisting systems towards access and reach.
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The UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS (UKC)

An organisation run for and by people living with HIV which campaigns on their behalf and researches policy. It also publishes Positive Nation magazine with a readership of one hundred thousand., 250 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5RD, Tel: 020 7564 2180 Fax: 020 7564 2140. UKC also runs a website that aims to foster understanding and raise awareness of HIV in the workplace-

UK Gender and Development Network
The GADN is a diverse membership network of leading practitioners, academics and consultants working on gender and development issues in the UK. The GADN has been active in advocacy and awareness-raising on gender and development issues since its founding in 1985.
The Network enables its members to:

  • Share information and expertise
  • Discuss concerns
  • Effectively lobby government and international bodies on their development programmes
  • Provide expert advice and comment on policies and projects

The GAD Network offers members an effective voice for their concerns at national and international levels. Their members work in partnership with development and advocacy organisations throughout the world and GADN is the UK National Platform for Women In Development Europe (WIDE) based in Brussels-