Guides for advocacy

Meaningful participation of HIV positive women

ICW Poster: Participation Tree
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This participation tree helps access where organisations you know of are in relation to the involvement of HIV positive women and their organisations. Accompanying text for poster

Getting involved in the Global Fund

Guidelines for Improving CCMs Through Greater PLHIV Involvement
The Guidelines in English
The Guidelines in French
The Guidelines in Spanish
The Guidelines in Russian
The Guidelines in Thai
These guidelines can be used as an advocacy tool to assist all stakeholders in Global Fund processes to help ensure that PLHIV concerns and issues are addressed as fully as possible. (They can also be adapted for use when working with other multisectoral or coordinating bodies at local, district, provincial, or regional levels.)

English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian editions of Challenging, Changing, and Mobilizing, A Guide to PLHIV Involvement in Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms
Provides tools for strengthening People Living with HIV/AIDS' involvement in Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms.
English Version
Etude menée dans plusieurs pays sur la participation de Personnes Vivant avec le VIH/SIDA (PVVS) dans les Instances de Coordination Nationale (CCM)
Una investigación multi-país sobre la participación de las personas viviendo con VIH/SIDA (PVVIH) en los Mecanismos de Coordinación de País (CCM)
لوﺪﻟا ةدﺪﻌﺘﻣ ﺔﺳارد
ﻦﻴﺑﺎﺼﻣ نﻮﺸﻴﻌﻳ ﻦﻳﺬﻟا صﺎﺨﺷﻷا كاﺮﺷﻹ
ﺐﺴﺘﻜﻤﻟا ﺔﻳﺮﺸﺒﻟا ﺔﻋﺎﻨﻤﻟا ﺺﻘﻧ سوﺮﻴﻔﺑ / زﺪﻳإ
ﺔﻳﺮﻄُﻘﻟا ﻖﻴﺴﻨﺘﻟا تﺎﻴﻟﺁ ﻲﻓ


Public speaking

'Lifting the Burden of Secrecy, a manual developed by APN+ for HIV-positive People who want to speak out in Public' is primarily a guide for HIV-positive people who are considering speaking out, in person, to any group of people about their experience of living with HIV. Although designed for people who have never spoken out before, APN+ believes that speakers who already have some experience in the public arena as openly HIV-positive people may also find it useful. 'Lifting the Burden of Secrecy, a Training Module for HIV-positive speakers' is an accompanying booklet with step-by-step instructions for leading workshops for training HIV-positive speakers.
Download here the manual and here the training module.

Top tips for public speaking from Angelina Namibia of Positively Women, UK

From research and monitoring to advocacy

Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument, 2006
The Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument (HeRWAI) is a strategic tool to enhance lobbying activities for better implementation of women’s health rights. A HeRWAI analysis links what actually happens with what should happen according to the human rights obligations of a country. It examines local, national and international influences. The HeRWAI analysis consists of six steps, which analyse a policy that influences women’s health rights. Each step consists of information and questions to guide the analysis. Explanations, examples and checklists facilitate the answering of the questions. The analysis produces a set of recommendations to improve the impact of the policy, as well as an action plan to lobby for adoption of the recommendations and to raise awareness about the findings of the analysis.