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ICW documents coerced sterilization of HIV positive women in Namibia - report available. The Namibia coerced sterilization project was initiated when, during an ICW advocacy workshop for young HIV positive women, 3 of the 30 participants stated that they had been sterilized. This alarming fact initiated a series of focus groups and interviews that did in fact suggest that HIV positive women were being coerced or forced into sterilization by hospital staff - 40 of the 230 women we spoke to.

Women and Girls Living with HIV/AIDS: Overview and Annotated Bibliography (2007)

An overview of a range of issues faced by HIV positive women based largely on ICW research and documentation. Also includes a summary of key texts including a number produced by ICW. Esplen, E. and ICW, February 2007, Sussex: BRIDGE
Available in English, Spanish and French


Now available - results from 3 mappings of HIV positive women's experiences of care, treatment and support in Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania, conducted by ICW.


For a description of the project and all documents related to this project.


  • Voices & Choices Thailand - Report from the Voices and Choices Thailand Project (2004)
  • The following publication from ICW also uses research from the Thailand Voices and Choices work:
  • The House of Our Dreams: building a positive future: proceedings of the ICW Voices and Choices workshop, Bobo Djioulasso, Burkina Faso, 1-7 August 2003 (available from ICW in hard copy)
  • Voices and Choices Zimbabwe report - Report from the Voices and Choices Project (2002)

 Research conducted on SRHR with Ipas

For more information about this project and the ICW write-ups on our research in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Research conducted on SRHR, VAW and ACTS with Interact

ICW member testimonies on SRHR, published by IPPF and ICW

  • Dreams and Desires: World AIDS Day - The Reality of Being an HIV Positive Woman Unfolds in 13 Personal Stories. Booklet from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and ICW, 2004 (pdf)