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SELF-ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST: MEANINGFUL INVOLVEMENT OF WOMEN AND GIRLS LIVING WITH HIV (MIWA) - This self-assessment checklist, developed by ICW for the NGO Code of Good Practice, will help you assess the degree to which your organisation is successfully implementing these principles. The questions are designed to be thinking points/guidelines to help you identify areas that are already at a ‘good practice’ level, and areas that need to be developed and strengthened.

This tool developed by HIV positive women from Swaziland and Lesotho, has been updated with resources to help users better use the tool. The tool was developed to help us monitor government commitments to HIV positive women's rights. The package now includes information about how the tool has been used by ICW and our partners, a training curriculum on how to use it, and some supporting resources on sexual and reproductive health, access to care, treatment and support and violence against women.

ICW Poster: Participation Tree

ICW Poster This is a large download - 1.2Mb JPG file.
This participation tree helps access where organisations are in relation to the involvement of HIV positive women and their organisations. Accompanying text for poster

Women and Girls Living with HIV/AIDS: Overview and Annotated Bibliography (2007)

Esplen, E. and ICW, February 2007, Sussex: BRIDGE
Available in English, Spanish and French