ICW Briefing Papers, Position Statements and Messages

ICW/GCWA Briefing papers (2006) (up-dated by ICW 2008)
The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) with support from the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) has produced three fact sheets. These frame key advocacy messages based on the findings of ICW project work on HIV positive women’s access to care, treatment and support, violence against HIV positive women, and sexual and reproductive rights of positive women.



Other briefing papers and position papers

ICW Conference messages
ICW statements on the 5 key themes of the Positive Women's Forum, Kenya 2007

  1. Women’s Leadership and Economic Empowerment (55.29 kB)
  2. Affordable Treatment and Treatment Issues (57.60 kB)
  3. Advocacy to End Gender Inequalities (54.31 kB)
  4. Ending Stigma and Discrimination (54.17 kB)
  5. Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health & the Rights of Women and Girls (140.03 kB)

International AIDS Conference, Toronto, 2006 -  Each day of the conference ICW gave out a different challenge to stimulate passionate, intelligent discussions.

1. Sexual and Reproductive Health

2. Access to Care, Treatment and Support

3. The Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV

4. Challenging Taboos

5. Action for Change

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