Partnership Development

ICW is developing ICW’s partnerships, including funding partnerships and advocacy partnerships.

Funding partnerships:

Our Fundraising Officer, with support from ICW staff, continuously liaises and builds relationships with current and prospective donors.  She advises on funding opportunities, and coordinates and supports the preparation and submission of proposals and budgets. She also manages the funding contracts we have with current donors, and ensures timely and accurate narrative and financial reporting.

Advocacy partnerships:

ISO staff have developed relationships with allied organisations including:

Two examples:

ATHENA network.  ICW is a founding member of ATHENA, a network on organisations and individuals that came together in 2005 to constitute a new leadership force in the response to HIV and AIDS globally. The network recognises the imperative of addressing gender inequalities and gender-related rights violations in response to the pandemic through the voices of women and girls most affected by HIV and AIDS. The Network builds upon the work of individuals and entities who have been committed to this challenge for years, and intends to use coordinated, collective action to advance their efforts further. ATHENA is collaborating with ICW on the project Bringing Women Closer to Their Rights

YWCA partnership /collaboration (Supported by Norwegian Church Aid).  In 2004, ICW entered into a formal partnership with the World YWCA, when a YWCA member from Zimbabwe was selected for an internship in the London International Support Office (ISO) of ICW. The internship lasted two years, and helped to strengthen collaborations between ICW and the YWCA, and also strengthen and advance ICW’s mobilisation of young women activists living with HIV. During the second year of this programme, an ICW young woman member was selected to carry out a parallel internship in the World YWCA headquarters in Geneva. On the recommendation of the two interns, a further internship has been established in Uganda where a young YWCA member who is living with HIV has been coordinating the activities of positive young woman associated with the YWCA and strengthening the response to HIV from within the organisation, including the mobilisation of young HIV-positive YWCA members. ICW was also involved in helping YWCA co-organise the first International Women's Summit on AIDS.