ICW Activities in Europe

ICW has recently entered into a partnership with Positively Women and Asylum Aid. Whilst primarily focusing on the UK, this project seeks to provide support for HIV positive women who are seeking or who have sought asylum. ICW’s main role will be on exploring sources of support in the country of origin and establishing links for support and advice for those women whose asylum claims fail or choose to return. More information

Regional workshops have been held in Brighton, Liverpool and Edinburgh to present the network and recruit regional coordinators to volunteer to take the network forward. Further workshops were held in Southampton and Glasgow and the first of a series of training workshops was held in December 2006. It brought together all regional coordinators and focused on the role of the coordinators, examining the terms of reference, carrying out a skills inventory, and looking at basic advocacy, facilitation and counselling skills. This workshop will include aneeds assessment which will then inform the programme of training over the next two years

In 2008 the network launched a Vision Paper which came about as a result of PozFem UK’s involvement in the Strategy Review of the UK’s National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV, and accompanies our formal input to that process. However, it has far wider relevance. It documents concerns and recommendations raised by members of PozFem UK on the basis of our personal experiences and illustrates these with quotes from PozFem UK meetings, as well as ICW and Positively Women’s publications. We hope it will serve as a useful advocacy tool for HIV positive women around the UK.

Silent Voices project

The aim of Silent Voices was to research internationally and collate information on drug related subjects such as the availability of clean syringes and relevant paraphernalia, especially as this information relates to women. We aimed also to assess current ways of understanding and analysing drug use and risks, particularly for women. Report available.